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UCF’s Maintenance department maintains majority of the buildings on campus. They are responsible for the replacement of light bulbs to painting classrooms. Below are brief descriptions of the duties that are performed by the Maintenance department.

Carpenters put up all of the chalkboards, whiteboards, and screens on campus, replace broken doors, floor tile, ceiling tile, restroom fixtures, and more.

The locksmiths maintain thousands of locks on the campus. They install new door equipment, replacing old door equipment, and maintaining existing door equipment. Locksmiths also maintain all of the keys on campus and a database, that holds all of the records for everyone who has a key.

All of the signs on campus, including small signs on office doors and in hallways, building signs are maintained at Physical Plant by the Maintenance department.

The painters in the Maintenance department are accountable for painting offices, classrooms, hallways, and outside of buildings. They are also responsible for pressure washing the buildings and sidewalks.

The Maintenance department has divided the campus into zones, which each have several building and one employee assigned to a zone. These employees maintain the building by replacing light bulbs, repairs desks, hanging pictures, unclogging toilets, ect.

Roofers keep up with all of the building roofs. They inspect the roofs and secure any leaks or damages on the roofs.

The Maintenance department is headed by Maintenance Superintendent, Ms. Wanda Daberko.

Overall, the Maintenance department is responsible for several areas, and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Need a request to have any maintenance done, simply fill out a Work Order Request Form by clicking here.

To see a list of employees in the Maintenance Shop, click here.